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Almost Surely Dead by Amina Akhtar follows Dunia Ahmed, a New York pharmacist facing personal challenges. Her life takes a turn when she mysteriously disappears, becoming the focus of a true crime podcast. Amid murder attempts and police suspicion, Dunia’s world blends with childhood superstitions, making her believe a sinister force is after her. I recommend this book with 4.3/5 rating.

Description of the book:

almost surely dead pdf

Almost Surely Dead Synopsis:

A psychological thriller with a twist, Almost Surely Dead is a chilling account of how one woman’s life spins out of control after a terrifying—and seemingly random—attempt on her life.

Dunia Ahmed lives an ordinary life—or she definitely used to. Now she’s the subject of a true crime podcast. She’s been missing for over a year, and no one knows if she’s dead or alive. But her story has listeners obsessed, and people everywhere are sporting merch that demands “Find Dunia!” In the days before her disappearance, Dunia is a successful pharmacist living in New York. The daughter of Pakistani immigrants, she’s coping with a broken engagement and the death of her mother. But then something happens that really shakes up her someone tries to murder her. When her would-be killer winds up dead, Dunia figures the worst is over. But then there’s another attempt on her life…and another. And police suspect someone close to her may be the culprit. Dunia struggles to make sense of what’s happening. And as childhood superstitions seep into her reality, she becomes convinced that someone—or some thing —is truly after her.

“I hated sleepwalking. I hated never knowing what I was going to do. It was the main reason I never slept without pjs.”

“I was so desperate to earn my mother’s approval—anyone’s approval, really—that I stayed in a relationship with someone like him. Petty. Jealous. Controlling. Like I’d exchanged my family for a man who behaved just like them.”

“When we searched his apartment, it had been cleared out. No fingerprints, no DNA anywhere. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make sure we couldn’t find them.”

“I hugged him. He was my favorite parent. Ammi would never be happy with me. I knew that for sure.”

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