ABC’s all time best comedy series ‘The Conners – Season 6’ premieres in Feb 2024. Date, Time Cast and much more.

Some questions are in the minds of fans such as Darlene still working as lunch lady, Will Tyler the FedEx pilot vis the last love of Becky? Is Jackie poised to bid her mom a heartfelt farewell? These questions will get answers soon as The Conners set to return for its sixth season.

You will be sad when you hear the news related to Jayden Rey who played DJ’s daughter Mary will not returning in season 6. Yes, you heard right.

Remind of season 5:

the conners season 6 update
Credit: ABC

In the last season, we saw Mark tossing his graduation cap for his high school completion. Dan, Jackie, and other family members get a ceremony experience that eluded them during their teenage years.

Then what will happen in The Conners’s sixth season:

The tantalizing trailer of The Conners season 6 hints at the return of Tyler(Sean Astin) weaving a romantic subplot into Becky’s narrative. We will also see Mark head off to college and his mother Darlene take a job as a university lunch lady to get a discount on her tuition. Some revelation in the season 5 subplot shows Beverly, Jackie’s mother grappling with the tendrils of dementia. Same season 5’s subplot adds a layer of complexity, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering how The Conners family will navigate this poignant chapter in their lives.

The Conners Season 6 Star Cast:

  • John Goodman as Dan
  • Laurie Metcalf a Jackie
  • Sara Gilbert as Darlene
  • Lecy Goranson as Becky
  • Emma Kenney as Harris
  • Ames McNamara as Mark
  • Jay R. Ferguson as Ben

The Conners season 6 trailer:

Where we can watch The Conners season 6:

7 Feb 2024 season 6 will be aired on ABC at 8 P.M. If you want to watch it online then check out on Hulu but there’s a catch episodes on Hulu streaming on next day. The choice is yours.

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