A Study in Drowning PDF/E-Book by Ava Reid

“A Study in Drowning” is a dark academia book that talks about women in literature, showing how their important contributions are often overlooked because society wrongly thinks they have frivolous minds. The writing is beautiful, and the use of water as a symbol is done exceptionally well.

Description of the Book:

a study in drowning pdf

A Study in Drowning Book Synopsis:

Effy Sayre has always believed in fairy tales. Haunted by visions of the Fairy King since childhood, she’s had no choice. Her tattered copy of Angharad—Emrys Myrddin’s epic about a mortal girl who falls in love with the Fairy King, then destroys him—is the only thing keeping her afloat. So when Myrddin’s family announces a contest to redesign the late author’s estate, Effy feels certain it’s her destiny.

But musty, decrepit Hiraeth Manor is an impossible task, and its residents are far from welcoming. Including Preston Héloury, a stodgy young literature scholar determined to expose Myrddin as a fraud. As the two rivals piece together clues about Myrddin’s legacy, dark forces, both mortal and magical, conspire against them—and the truth may bring them both to ruin.

Book Quotes That We Like :

“I was a woman when it was convenient to blame me, and a girl when they wanted to use me.”

“That was the cruelest irony: the more you did to save yourself, the less you became a person worth saving.”

“We must discuss, then, the relationship between women and water. When men fall into the sea, they drown. When women meet the water, they transform. It becomes vital to ask: is this a metamorphosis, or a homecoming?”

“There was an intimacy to all violence, she supposed. The better you knew someone, the more terribly you could hurt them.”

“You’re not just one thing. Survival is something you do not something you are. You’re brave and brilliant. You’re the most real, full person I’ve ever met.”

“It was an eternal feeling, this sense of being unwelcome. No matter where she was, Effy was always afraid she was not wanted.”

“If a story repeated itself so many times over, building itself up brick by brick, did it eventually become the truth? A house with no doors and no windows, offering no escape.”

“A romance is a belief in the impossible: that anything ends happily.”

Ava Reid, A Study of Drowning

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