A Holly Jolly Ever After PDF/E-Book by Julie Murphy

Absolutely adored this book! I found myself unable to put it down, except when my Kindle was threatening to die, and I had to succumb to sleep. A heartwarming, modern love story that I highly recommend! (4.5/5)

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A Holly Jolly Ever After Book Synopsis:

Kallum Liebermanis the funny one™. As the arguably lesser of the three former members of the boy band INK, he enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame and then moved home where he opened a regional pizza chain called Slice, Slice, Baby! He’s living his best dad bod life, hooking up with bridesmaids at all his friends’ weddings. But after an old one-off sex tape is leaked and quickly goes viral, Kallum decides he’s ready to step into the spotlight again, starring in a sexy Santa biopic for the Hope Channel.

Winnie Baker did everything right. She married her childhood sweetheart, avoided the downfalls of adolescent stardom, and transitioned into a stable adult acting career. Hell, she even waited until marriage to have sex. But after her perfect life falls apart, Winnie is ready to redefine herself—and what better way than a steamier-than-a-steaming-hot-mug-of-cider Christmas movie?

With decade old Hollywood history between them, Winnie and Kallum are both feeling hesitant about their new situation as costars…especially Winnie who can’t seem to fake on screen pleasure she’s never experienced in real life. She’s willing to do the pleasure research—for science and artistic authenticity, of course. And there’s no better research partner than her bridesmaid sex tape hall of fame costar, Kallum. But suddenly, Kallum’s teenage crush on Winnie is bubbling to the surface and Winnie might be catching feelings herself.

They say opposites attract, but is this holly jolly ever after really ready for its close-up?

EVERYBODY LOVED A MERRY LITTLE MEET CUTE ’Funny and saucy, this certainly puts the X-rated into Xmas’ Heat

‘The audacity of this magical author duo to sneak in and steal Christmas in the sexiest way possible . . . the charming holiday romp you absolutely need in your life!’

‘The holiday romcom of my dreams! Sexy, progressive, hilarious, and full of good cheer’

’A merry little masterpiece . . . this is a read for those who want a winter romcom but with some X-rated antics’ Metro ‘The holiday rom-com of your dreams!’ Cosmopolitan

Book Quotes That We Like:

maybe when it came down to it, being a kind person was more important than having an empty swear jar.”

“Be a good girl and tell Santa what you need. This Christmas, Santa aims to please. —INK, “All BeClaus of You,” Merry INKmas (Bootcamp Records)”

“With a sigh, I looked out the window to the flurry-bitten darkness outside. Even though I couldn’t see a thing, I already knew what I’d see once the sun came up tomorrow. A clump of forested mountains kissing the sky with a cluster of chimney-topped houses and gas streetlamps nestled below.”

Julie Murphy, A Holly Jolly Ever After

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