A Curse For True Love PDF/E-Book by Stephanie Garber

A Curse For True Love is Enchanting, Magical, and Heartbreaking. Jack’s and Evangeline’s story came to the End.

a curse for true love Pdf

Two villains, one girl, and a deadly battle for happily ever after.

Evangeline Fox ventured to the Magnificent North in search of her happy ending, and it seems as if she has it. She’s married to a handsome prince and lives in a legendary castle. But Evangeline has no idea of the devastating price she’s paid for this fairytale. She doesn’t know what she has lost, and her husband is determined to make sure she never finds out . . . but first he must kill Jacks, the Prince of Hearts.

Blood will be shed, hearts will be stolen, and true love will be put to the test in A Curse for True Love, the breathlessly anticipated conclusion to the Once Upon A Broken Heart trilogy.

“And he loved her. He loved her. He loved her. He loved her. He loved her so much he’d rewritten history.”

“I’m broken. I like to break things. Sometimes I want to break you.”
“Then break me Jacks.”

“Being yours does not make you mine.”

“What is the point of having friends if they’re not there to support your bad decisions?”

“There were three rules about Fates that Evangeline had been taught as a child. The most important of those rules was to never ever fall in love with a Fate.”

“I already told you. You are the love of my life. You are mine, Jacks of the Hollow. And you’re not going to be the end of me.” “But you were dying.” “No,” she said, a little embarrassed. “I just forgot to breathe.

Stephanie Garber, A Curse For True Love