These 3 books Definitely level Up Your Brain’s Power

In Day to Day world we are all bonded with different types of responsibilities, all day just ended up rescuing ourselves from the troubles that occur our way due to this our brain faces a lot of loads. We are not maintaining our focus on specific things every time our thinking changes just to help ourselves to rescue our future problems but most of us abruptly inch towards loss of our brain power.

We think in a way that mental illness is also like any other disease that happens to you. Without your stronger brain, you can’t help to reach your goal and come out from emotional challenges that everyday encircles your life.

If you look forward to a way to sharpen your focus and anything that helps to improve your memory then books offer you a great way to stimulate your brain power and help you to utilize it in your specific goal.

Let’s take a look at these 3 books that help you to reach out to your brain power and throw away your mental illness.

1. Limitless by Jim Kwik

In this book, you will read about the author’s personal stories that connect with all your daily life notions and dreams. What do we want, what will happen if I were this or that all things are shaped in a way that you are dreaming but you can’t style your dream in real life. This book teaches how to train your brain according to your way not someone else way. Book’s Central Idea is we must learn how to learn.

We have to break all the myths and our shortsighted beliefs to overcome our fear of not doing anything special.

The author tries to solve your trouble in 3 simple ways:

  • How to change your mindset
  • How to get Motivation
  • What are the methods that help you to power your brain?

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Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer

This book was a Nominee for Best Nonfiction in the 2011 GoodReads choice award. Joshua Foer a 2006 USAMemory champion held every in Newyork illustrates the topic related to our memory memorizing skills.

Some interesting topics are discussed in the book they are:

1. Mind Mapping:

What is Mind Mapping? As we all know in the brain a lot of activities happened and are stored on daily basis but uniqueness is where these things are organized in such a way that the major idea is in the center another idea related to this is branching from it.

2. Photographic Memory:

If we see a photo of a certain thing then we can memoir it for a long time as compared to when we read about that. The author describes why this is happening. This is the Photographic memory concept illustrated by the author in a simple and enjoyable manner and you have to read it.

3. Memory Athletes:

How you can become a memoir athlete? The answer is in this book. This part shows how you can memorize the information of names, random numbers, digits, and other equations. The author discusses new and different memoir techniques that you can use in daily life.

The Future Of The Mind by Michio Kaku

In this book, You will get to know about top-level research done by neuroscience physics experts with all the latest advancements in the field. most of us watch movies that are based on science fiction where a lot of new instruments are used to temper the brain and scan the brain with telepathy, Videotaping dreams, Record memories, and controlling the mind are not only possible in the movies but also exist in real-life scenarios.

Dr. Kaku took us on a tour of how the brain actually functions in real-time and a present new way to think about consciousness applying these fresh insights from his studies help to cure mental illness.

You get a lot of knowledge about your brain with his astonishing studies such as using MRI Machinesphysician read thoughts that are generated in your brain, using microchipping that insert in paralyzed patients to work anything that actual humans do with the computer. The latest technology helps you to record electrical signals that emit from your brain and store or decode them into a familiar language that we understand.

These 3 books definitely help you to power your brain. Thanks for visiting.

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